Vinc Math has teamed up with Donna and Andy from The Myth Makers to teach you the details of building and working with bamboos.  Bamboos offer an opportunity to create structural curves and forms using a natural, sustainable material that can be grown in most places of the world.  The skills needed to work with bamboos are usually taught in places that require a big commitment of time and money.  We are so please to offer these experts here in the US for the first time!  There are only a small amount of spaces available and if you are serious about learning to build with bamboos this is not to be missed.  Vinc is a teacher at BambooU a world renown bamboo center in Bali associated with The Green School and IBUKU.  Andy an Donna are artists that has created larger then life sculptures showcased in a variety of botanical settings.  You will learn the tools required to work with bamboos, how to harvest and sort bamboos, bamboo weaving, and structural components that can be replicated in infinite variations.  The building blocks of bamboo construction.  

Vinc Math

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Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein

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 This course is designed for beginner to intermediate level. Mark will introduce you to the art of bamboo fencing and you will leave having built a small bamboo panel.

Skills Included:
– lashing
– bamboo: cutting, fitting, joinery
– design elements
– harvesting

About your teacher:
Mark Meenan, Owner
Mark is an active member of the American Bamboo Society, Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, and North American Japanese Garden Association. Mark discovered the vibrant bamboo community in 2004 when he was hired to produce a website for a well-respected bamboo expert and former president of the American Bamboo Society. Mark’s background in carpentry was soon put to work producing fences and shipping them throughout the country. In just four years the company grew to a large warehouse and workshop for fencing production with Mark at the helm as production and sales manager. With curiosity sparked, Mark began traveling abroad to learn more about bamboo. He returned to the United States in 2010 settling in the Seattle, Washington area. All these years later his passion for bamboo continues. He is a very active fence producer, local contractor, and advocate for the benefits of bamboo.

Mark Meenan
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George Tortorelli is a master bamboo flute designer and player. He has been a multi-instrumentalist since the age of 12. Being raised in a musical family he had access to many instruments, and went on to perform in rock bands throughout south Florida.
Before long he became aware of the mind and body stress from the rock and roll lifestyle. He longed for simpler pastures and retreated to the forests of north Florida with a collection of rare and exotic instruments.It was there in the beauty and silence that the purest harmonies of nature came through him. He discovered and planted an abundance of bamboo on his land, and commenced expanding his growing flute collection with flutes of his own design.

His music and concerts were so loved by surrounding communities that he became known as “Medicine Wind” for the healing sound qualities of his Meditative, Peaceful music.
He started his own company called Medicine Wind Music, and commenced a successful recording career and custom flute design for fine arts festivals.

He recorded three independant records: “TranceMission”, “MedicineWind” & “Rites of Passage”.

While both performing,it was at a music festival that Lisa Lynne and George Tortorelli met. After an exchange of albums, it became apparent that their musical styles were very much of kindred spirit… The Celtic Harp and Bamboo flutes are two of the most ancient and heartwarming instruments. Since February of 1997, they have been spellbinding audiences with their magical and endearing sound. Even since, they have been performing non-stop thoughout the country, including the “Windham Hill Winter Solstice Concert” series these past winters.

They are currently in high demand at the finest art exhibits, music festivals & peace gatherings across the country. They have recorded ten albums together:
George’s World Flutes continue to be an integral part on Lisa Lynne’s Windham Hill releases.
You can count on hearing much more from this enchanting duo and their heaven*sent sound.

George has appeared with such notables as:

George Tortorelli

Traditional bamboo strip making for basketry 

Traditional bamboo strip making for basketry and other finely crafted bamboo objects requires specialized tools. This centuries old set of techniques takes several years to master, and objects made with these techniques have the aesthetics of being highly crafted. Come and learn through demonstration about the tools and techniques in bamboo strip making, use some prepared bamboo strips and pre-prepared materials to create a miniature decorative bamboo lamp shade (great for votive candles!), and learn about artists who create baskets with this type of process. Additionally, the end of class will culminate in making a necklace with a traditional rattan knot. This type of knot, which originated in China, is one of the techniques used in conjunction with bamboo basketry.

Hour 1: Bamboo basket lecture, bamboo splitting demonstration, bamboo spamples presentation.
Hour 2: Assemble lamp shade
Hour 3: Decorate shade
Hour 4: Rattan knot (for those finished with decorating

Brock is a fiber artist working with bamboo, a giant grass that has been used for centuries to create baskets and other everyday objects. She integrates wood, glass, paper and thread as visual accents and structural components. Her abstract sculptures are crafted using basketry, woodworking, and fiber art techniques. Brock’s early art education began under the tutelage of her mother, Emily Brock, a nationally recognized glass artist. Later, she earned a BFA in Glass from Center For Creative Studies, College of Art and Design. After college, Charissa studied basketry with individual teachers before earning an MFA in Fibers at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in 2000. She has used bamboo as a primary material since first discovering it while at Tyler. In addition to her studio practice, she teaches workshops across the USA. A Japanese TV show hosted her in Japan spring, 2017 during which they filmed her interacting with the members of the bamboo community for an episode of “Who wants to Come to Japan?” It was an exceptional opportunity wherein she met and learned from people with a long tradition of working with he material she loves. Her artwork is in private collections worldwide as well as Arizona State University Museum, the Rivermark Hotel, and the Hyatt Regency Maui.